Embark on a journey with CanAuz Overseas as we recount a heartening tale of perseverance and triumph. Meet Mr. Sudeep, whose dream of Canadian PR seemed distant until we stepped in to make it a reality. Follow his path through challenges and victories, showcasing our unwavering commitment to our clients’ dreams.

In August, Mr. Sudeep approached us with a dream of obtaining Canada PR.

In September, with our guidance, his journey began with an Express Entry application, boasting a respectable CRS score of 461.

By December, a pivotal moment arrived as Sudeep received Ontario Nomination under the IT category. Successfully submitting the nomination, his CRS score skyrocketed to 1061 by January, opening doors to new opportunities.

In January, IRCC asked for some old documents from Sudeep’s time working in the USA. But Sudeep was in India, and getting those documents seemed impossible. With only two days left, we wrote a letter explaining the situation to IRCC and sent whatever old documents we could find. It was a nail-biting time

Thankfully, IRCC accepted our explanation and In a remarkable turn of events, mere days later, Sudeep received a passport request, marking the culmination of his journey. 

With elation, we witnessed Sudeep’s dream of Canadian PR become a reality, underscoring our commitment to transforming aspirations into achievements.

At CanAuz Overseas, we believe in facing challenges head-on. We work closely with our clients, guiding them through every twist and turn in their immigration journey. For Sudeep, we didn’t give up, even when things seemed tough. And in the end, seeing his dream come true was the best reward we could ask for.

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