Top 10 Courses to Study in Canada for Indian Students in 2022
Canada is one of the preferred countries to study and migrate to in 21st century for indians, also recent policy changes and labour demand in Canada has made Indians study and migrate to Canada. In this article we will discuss about the Top 10 Courses to Study in Canada for Indian Students in 2022. Know
5 latest-announced benefits by Canada that Indian students can avail
Indian Students in Canada: Canada has recognised that from 2022-2023, the number of study permit holders will increase.   Canada recently has announced many benefits for foreign students are studying in Canada or planning to study in Canada. Canada wants to increase the strength of students and Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has lifted
Great news for Indian students as Canada allows them to work for more than 20 hours per week in Canada
While various factors affecting the value of Indian rupee in currency exchange, this is a great news for Indian students studying in Canada as Canada allows them to take full time jobs along with their regular studies. However, as students can only work during breaks like winter & summer holidays. During regular classes the student
Best Countries to Study Abroad for Indian Students in 2022
Studying abroad is not just a way to add additional academic skills to your CV but many top companies in India and abroad gives preference to a degree from the top international universities. Every year a greater number of Indians are looking to get a degree from international universities. However, it is not easy to
In this blog, we have list down top countries offering post study work permit to India students in 2022. There is no surprise that Indian students are always working their way towards moving to a foreign country.  For most Indian families, it comes with a sense of pride when their son or daughter has settled